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We invite you to join us on a journey deep into the Israeli Negev desert wilderness, to learn about the geological forces that formed the unique Ramon Crater (AKA Makhtesh Ramon), the Zin Valley and more. To become familiar with the surprisingly diverse ecosystem of wildlife and vegetation hidden along the way of the Negev desert trails and meet with the people inhibiting the area on a Negev desert tour.

Enjoy Mitzpe Ramon jeep tours, ride on our 4X4 vehicle that sits up to 7 passengers, in a pleasant climate controlled cabin, equipped with an advance suspension system to keep you comfortable through the bumpy track ahead.

Where to Go and What to See

Our most popular desert jeep tours are family friendly and require no special skills. However, if you have a specific interest to investigate deeper into any of the exotic features that this piece of land has to offer (history, plants, food, people, desert agriculture etc.), please let us know and we will be happy to suggest a Negev desert tour tailored just for you. We especially recommend our the Ramon crater jeep tour.

All you need to do is to let us know where you would like us to pick you (within Mizpe Ramon, unless you request otherwise), and we will show up with our premium vehicle and take you with us on a jeep tour into the heart of the desert. The most popular Negev desert tours commonly leave from Mitzpe Ramon heading to the Ramon crater (Makhtesh Ramon), the  Zin Valley , to a Bedouin hospitality or a local deluxe vinery – see more details above and in the links added.


When people hear the word “crater” they automatically envision violent meteorite impacts and giant round holes in the ground, but the Makhtesh Ramon Crater is something entirely different, as it was not created as a result of impact, but rather through a very unique process of erosion. Makhtesh Ramon eroded geological layers tell the epic story of Earth's early history, exposing an abundance of aquatic fossils from the days when this highland used to reside at the bottom of an ocean. Dry and barren at first sight, Makhtesh Ramon is teeming with life so long as you know where to look for it. Wild asses, mountain goats, raptors, reptiles and insects are among the wild inhabitants of this piece of land. Thanks to seasonal flash-floods which provide the desert with precious water, this delicate ecosystem includes also some incredible vegetation which has evolved to survive the harsh environmental conditions.  Depending on the time of year, you may also witness the awesome force of a flash-flood, or dip your feet in the seasonal water bodies left as their reminder. The Ramon crater tours are usually of 2 to 4 hours tour  - see more details in the link below.

Duration 2-4 hours, price 800-1200 NIS per vehicle

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    About 30 Km north from Mitzpe Ramon and the Makhtesh Ramon crater, just below Kibbutz Sde Boker - lays the ZIn valley. The Zin valley is a sub-fracture of the biggest and longest tectonic fractures on the globe, the Syrian-African rift valley. Therefore it holds some of the more dramatic Negev desert landscapes. The Zin valley is also home to a few hidden springs, with the biggest and most famous of them being the Ein-Akev spring. Ein Akev is one of the biggest springs of the Negev desert.

    There is nothing quite like water in the middle of desert and Ein Akev is a beautiful spring holding water throughout the year and offering the opportunity for a cool dip on a hot desert day. Come with us on a jeep tour to the ZIn Valley and observe the dramatic views, learn of the geology and nature and enjoy the water. 

    Duration 4-5 hours, price 1200-1600 NIS

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    Contact us and we will be happy to share our knowledge of the Negev desert tours and the area and answer any kind of question you may have!

    • All jeep tours are suited for all ages, including families, groups, teams and couples.
    • All jeep tours leave from Mitzpe Ramon unless otherwise mentioned
    • Vast parts of the Negev region are declared nature reservations, under the supervision of the Israel Nature and Park Authority. We work closely with their people to ensure that we do not violate any rules or regulations, and take any means necessary to preserve the local nature values.

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