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Mitzpe Ramon, the most isolated communal settlement in Israel, is surrounded by beautiful natural desert spaces, many wild animals, and unique flora. Therefore, in this area, the responsibility for the environment is even greater than a city, and it is very important to pay attention to what and how we conduct ourselves outside. Descending from the trails is often accompanied by damage to soil crusts and sensitive ecosystems. Waste and even food that is thrown away will in many cases end up in the stomachs of wild animals that are not used to such food, fatten them up and make them less resistant in nature, and in the case of waste and plastic can even cause their death.

In short, our touches, even the small ones, in this area can make a dramatic change in the environment. That's why in our tours and other activities, we will not go off the regulated paths, we will not throw waste and we will even collect what is possible. Where possible, the vehicle will be immobilized to save unnecessary emissions (yes, this is significant, see a clip at the end of the text) and we will always put the emphasis on nature. Beyond that, we avoid the use of single-use plastic and use high-quality equipment (including the car!) and carefully for the sake of a long equipment life and avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Our trips are designed to get to know the desert, the environment and the nature in the area out of love and a desire to preserve them and treat them with respect and consideration.


On the importance of turnning off your engine the car is stopped:


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